Rui Carruço is currently developing Painting Workshops and Painting Courses through the Atelier Internacional de Belas Artes

Fine Artist Rui Carruço founded the Atelier Internacional de Belas Artes with the aim of developing a space with an atmosphere of an atelier and not a school! As he says "A laboratory where artists work!".

The teaching is very personalized and therefore Fine Artist Rui Carruço only works with a small number of students in each session.

Fine Artist Rui Carruço teaches through three levels: Initiated, Intermediate and Advanced in order to keep up with each student's growth!

Venture to paint your first painting! Contact the fine artist Rui Carruço or the atelier to know all the details ...

Atelier Contacts:

Address: Rua Tristão Vaz, 15 C 1400-350 Lisboa
Telephone: 917534832 ou 917144217
Transports: Train station: Belém, Buses: 714, 727 e 728
GPS: 38.706913,-9.205602
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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